T’was the Week ‘Fore Arrival

Gareth Stonebraker
2 min readDec 22, 2022

’Twas a week ‘fore Arrival, and all through the ship,

Not a sensor was pinging, not even a blip.

The smelters were stacked tall in cargo bays full,

In hopes that some resources soon would be pulled.

The crewmates who nestled all snug in their berths

dreamt dreams of Adalia, and some, of Old Earth.

Lucinda, with eyepatch, and Ron, heav’ly armored,

Discussed martial law and their shortage of farmers.

Then out from the console arose such a klaxon;

Lea sprang from her bunk to see what had happened.

Away to her Muse, she flew like a flash,

Bracing herself for an impending task.

The star of Adalia shone faintly afar,

But space is quite empty; this alarm was bizarre.

Then what to her stargazing eyes should appear,

But a distant red sleigh and nine tiny reindeer.

With significant fear that her mind was askew,

Lea contacted Lucinda and asked what to do.

High Commander Lucinda was somewhat perplexed

But called each department to explain what came next.

“Now, Hureyra! Now, Vallois! Now, Quince and Sadleman!

Come, Oliveira! Come, Prokhorov! Come, Newberry and Stephenson!

You, too, Auburn, Blackwell, and de Talcott! To Nav,

There’s the strangest alarm; let us see what we have.”

Chief Botanist Hureyra, the father of plants,

Rarely ever got called and was thrilled for the chance.

Vallois, CTO, was a teensy bit miffed;

he had just completed a 12-hour shift.

Mason Quince, reading Shakespeare, was somewhat amused;

He knew other Heads that would feel more abused.

Sadleman knew this, too, though he didn’t care;

Safety came before all (except maybe fresh air).

Chief Cook Oliveira, among the aggrieved,

Had been dreaming of corn chips and guacamole.

Provost Prokhorov, however, was most unconcerned;

For whatever the case, something new might be learned!

Chief Archivist Newberry, for notes, grabbed her Muse.

Sensor data, alone, sometimes could misconstrue.

Stephenson, however, brought his tools and resolve;

There never was a problem engineers couldn’t solve.

Chief Steward Auburn, reluctant to wake,

was damnedly tired, and Natus opaque.

Doctor Blackwell geared up, worried someone was harmed,

And like Eliza Bennet, didn’t bother with charm.

Last but not least, de Talcott appeared,

Worried something was missing, his greatest of fears.

They all gathered ‘round, Department Heads all,

And perused the monitors lining the walls.

Natus issued her orders, and each got to work,

To learn why the Arvad was acting berserk.

They discovered hours later, and with much relief,

It was simply an error; the Arvad was safe.

They returned to their beds, the team eager for rest,

And asleep they soon fell, having given their best.

Lucinda, for her part, felt assured of survival

And wished all in the Arvad a happy Arrival.